Couldn't ask for a better personal trainer! I drive from the east side of St. Charles to DeKalb for my workout with him. He is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition (food and vitamins), how to work the different muscle groups and is very creative in his approach with equipment. He is a great motivator who pushes and encourages me, gives me continuous feedback during my workout and an awesome person! Thanks Troy Talaga can't wait to continue to see how far I can go with my goals!

-Laura Mota Newmeyer-

Troy is in my opinion the best trainer I have ever seen; He has knowledge in everything weight training plus cutting edge knowledge in sleep, nutrition, and mind body relationship . I have been trained by Paul Matowski a former NFL trainer who also started on the U of I basketball team. Troy is on a equal Level with Paul probably even a bit more focused on the relationship between the clients and the trainer.

-Peter Malmgren-

I have known and worked with Troy for almost five years now, and have seen nothing but great results! Troy really works with you to make sure that the work outs are tailored to what you need, and is always willing to work around busy schedules. I love knowing that if I have a question outside of my training session he will be there to answer my questions. He knows his stuff and it shows. When someone is as passionate about what they do as Troy is, they get results. Working out and training doesn’t feel as much of a chore anymore. I wouldn’t drive an hour to make my training sessions if I didn’t believe in Troy and his passion for making people’s goals reality.

-Andrea Castora-

I would definitely recommend Troy for your child’s sports conditioning & performance! Not only has my son improved in strength, speed and agility... but most important his confidence is off the chart. Troy encourages the athlete but also the student! I will definitely be sending my son back!

-Tara Russo-

I have had Troy provide both private lesson and group lessons to my son and I cannot believe the significant difference in my son's balance, strength, speed and agility. Troy is extremely passionate about helping kids reach their full potential. I highly recommend Troy and Realize Athletics.

-Dean Culotta-

Troy really knows about fitness inside and out. Whether it’s the diet plan or his specific exercise routines, Troys encyclopedic knowledge of health has helped me lost over 45 pounds in the last 3 Months. Worth every penny!

-Alex Broches-

Boot camp classes are intense! Facility is fresh and all the equipment is top of the line and new. Troy is really knowledgeable about the science of exercise and how the body works to perform. He's great at correcting form and pushing you for more. And he operates on a 10, which gets me excited and motivated to work harder. Realize is a great addition to the DeKalb County workout offering. Check it out if you want real results.

-Kristin Cardinali-